The Green Vitamin – Chlorella

The green Vitamin - Chlorella
The green Vitamin – Chlorella

If you have not heard of Chlorella, then there are many valid reasons. This

algae goes by other monikers. But don’t worry, you can just call it Chlorella and a local health food store will be able to identify it.

So, what is Chlorella ? and what is Chlorella good for?

Chlorella is an interesting algae because it grows in fresh water. It is mainly manufactured in Japan or Taiwan, and then shipped to the United States. That’s all well and good, so now what is Chlorella good for?

Chlorella can have medicinal affects that prevent cancer and decrease the side affects from radiation. It does this through strengthening the immune system to increase white blood cell count. That is a potent medicine that can also be beneficial to people with HIV.

Even people who are not ill can enjoy the benefits of taking Chlorella. In general, Chlorella is an antioxidant good for the skin and internal organs; it contains magnesium to improve mental health, spike energy, and detox the body.

It has been shown to increase the good type of bacteria in the intestines. This aids in digestion. Think about the wide spread applicability this has to those with stomach ailments. It even helps prevent stomach ulcers. People with terrible PMS can enjoy the benefits that Chlorella provides in reducing their symptoms.

For people with high cholesterol who do not want to take medication, Chlorella can help to naturally lower it. Many people complain that their pills have terrible side effects. Taking Chlorella in conjunction with a healthier diet might be an alternative approach.

With so many benefits, there is every reason why you should add  Chlorella to the daily diet. It is preventive medicine at its finest. Also, it can possibly cure stomach problems which otherwise have limited treatment options. This algae is truly remarkable for consumption.

Chlorella comes in the form of tablets or powder.

I hope you enjoyed my article, if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

Cheers Joanne

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  1. Thank you for this review on Chlorella, I have heard of it but I din’t know it had so many health benefits. Your articles says it helps to prevent ulcers, do you know if it would be ok for someone who already has ulcers to take this, and would you recommend powder form or pills?

    1. Joanne says:

      Hi Pam, I would really check with your doctor first about the ulcers just in case. I take Chlorella in the form of tablets, as I hate the taste of the powder. Some people put the powder in their smoothies.

      Thanks for reading


  2. Wilson says:

    It’s amazing how many benefits such seemingly insignificant lifeforms have for us. I mean, it’s algae! That’s amazing, though.
    Thank you for the informative blog on Chlorella. I may try taking it as a supplement one of these days.
    Since it is mostly grown in Japan or Taiwan, is it still considered organic, or has there been some gene tampering with the plant?
    Anyway, great post. take care!

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