Chakra Meditation

The 7 Chakra Meditations using easy will power and Visualization.

The 7 chakras are an ancient system for raising and grounding energy within the human body. Everyone who is alive has a principal set of energy centers which heal, feed, and nurture the body. This is done in harmonious conjunction with the mind. Although not everyone is aware of their bodily energies, chakra meditation and metaphysical discipline have gone hand in hand for all time. The most basic way of understanding the chakra system is through practical application and practice.

What Is Chakra Meditation?

Chakra is the term referring to the energy centers that Eastern mysticism has long used to revitalize the human body. There are 7 chakras corresponding to 7 different physical regions of the human physiology, and by concentrating on each may those areas be focused on for healing. It is believed that anyone can focus on the chakra centers during meditation and through visualization they can clear the body of energy blockages that create illness in the body.

Through chakra meditation it is possible to release all energies in what is called the subtle body and renew the chakras with white light energy, which is healing for the mind, body, and spiritual aspects of all human beings. Chakra meditation is utilized along with yoga and other arts to become more balanced as a personal being. The chakras are also able to absorb and transmit higher frequency energies.

In fact, chakra meditation is used to transform anything related to psychological, biological or spiritual illnesses. These forms of meditation have been used by practitioners around the world for thousands of years successfully. Today people of the Western world have begun to use these same principles to engage a new and better way of healing, making their lives better and their bodies healthier in the process.



The 7 Chakra Meanings And Visualization


The 7 chakra energy centers are ordered based on the colors of a rainbow. This is how to remember them and how to correspondingly utilize the 7 chakras. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are the proper sequence for visualizing them. They exist in the body non-physically, starting from the root chakra at the base of the spine and finishing at the crown charka at the top of the skull.

The 7 chakras are aligned perfectly within the body. Begin by sitting in a simple lotus position, closing your eyes, relaxing the body, and then begin breathing. These are the essential elements of any basic chakra meditation exercise.

As meditation on the 7 chakras starts, the individual sees the color of the chakra radiating light and filling their body with the specific color of light. For each charka center and continue to breathe in to draw the energies in, then breath out in order ground and exhale. The simplest interpretation of the chakra meanings and color symbolism are as follows:


  • The red chakra is the root chakra of the grounded earth energy.
  • The orange chakra is the sacral chakra of purest sexual power.
  • The yellow chakra is solar plexus chakra of power and freewill.
  • The green is the heart chakra of love and limitless compassion.
  • The blue chakra the throat chakra of communication and expression.
  • The indigo chakra is the third eye chakra of intuition and imagination.
  • The violet chakra is the crown chakra of the brain and higher consciousness.



What Do Meditation And Metaphysics Have To Do With Each Other?


Metaphysics is the world view that all things are connected in the universe. This includes the human body, nature, and all physical bodies within the cosmos. Through meditation, human beings are able to become one with this interconnected world that we live in. Using breath work and chakra meditation are two very important tools for doing the work which connects us further with the universe. In a meditative state, it is possible to change the impact energies are having on your daily life and therefore change yourself in ways never thought possible.

Becoming connected with the universe through creative visualization is the key to expanding your metaphysical world view as a human being and a spiritual being on the planet. Each of us is an important and unique piece of the universe, and the only one like ourselves that ever will be here again. Our place in the universe is special, which is another reason why chakra meditation can improve our lives and give us a sense of purpose metaphysically. This is a unique challenge for all human beings to pursue in the course of our lifetimes.


About The Health Effects Of Meditation


Many modern healing practitioners use the 7 chakra system of meditation and creative visualization to promote healthy living for all people. This is becoming more popular with the modern era, as we have entered the turn of a new age in planetary and galactic consciousness. One such practitioner is a woman named Rena Greenberg.

Understanding the power of the mind, body, and spirit is a lifelong passion for Rena Greenberg. Her work of love is called Easy Will Power and she also provides hypnotherapy for losing weight. Through her self-hypnosis programs, yoga practitioners work, and websites devoted to spirituality. Her greatest success has been helping other feeling powerless to lose weight or tackle other health related problems. She helps clients find their own inner voice. She also works directly on healing physical aliments by methods like her effective gastric bypass hypnosis surgery and other metaphysically based healing meditations.

The work she and others are doing with others today, this is changing the way our planet is evolving. Within the scope of human consciousness, it is possible to not only change our own lives, but to change the future of all human beings in the future. Everyone that raises their metaphysical energies through meditation on the 7 chakras is helping the entire species take a tremendous step forward into a new and more enlightened state of consciousness. Today it is happening more and more, because human beings are finally ready to heal their hearts, minds, and physical world.

Using the 7 chakras meditation is a wonderful starting point for anyone, because all it takes is closing your mind, relaxing the body, and creatively visualizing a new and better world for yourself. What wonderful things may come of it is up to you alone.

Hope you really enjoyed reading my post, and thanks for stopping by.



6 thoughts on “Chakra Meditation

  1. Thank you for your article on Chakra meditation and how to differentiate them from one another. I am so curious about how the mind can impact health and illness. Are people able to visualize other people’s Chakra’s to find areas of weakness or detriment. Is there a particular yoga that is more conducive to facilitating this type of meditation?
    Take Care, Heather

    1. Hi Heather thanks for reading. I have heard of some therapists who can do this but i think they would have to be highly qualified to do so. I find with me is that i sleep so much better when i meditate, however it does take a lot of practice and some time to really be able to relax your mind but it it so worth it in the end.



  2. What amazes me the most is that chakras have been known to most ancient cultures.
    Even now we still don’t understand exactly how our bodies work, how does the energy flow. Understanding of chakras is just the first step.
    Thank you for your explanation and recommendation. This reminds me of how important it is to work with the energy

  3. This was a really interesting read as I have just been learning about some of the the different chakras through my yoga practice. I didn’t know about the colour of light for each one though so found this particularly fascinating!

    I’m determined to build them even more into my yoga practice and try and learn the nuances of each one. Thanks for sharing!

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