Sugar Divorce Review!

Sugar Divorce Review – How to Break a Sugar Addiction

Rena Greenberg’s ”Sugar Divorce” Dieting Program

The Sugar Divorce Program founded by Rena Greenberg has become very popular in recent years, with thousands of people joining her program. Today, we look in depth into this program- what it is really about, its health benefits and whether it works or not and what the customer gains from joining this program.

The simple solution to weight loss – The program is aimed to suit the tastes of different users, and can help you get into the shape you need before you no it. The problem why most diets fail is that it wants its users to remove calories and sugar from their diet altogether. Unfortunately, its not that easy. You could do without the chocolates or the milk shakes for a few days but to go without what you love for months isn’t really that easy. As a result, most people end up going back to their previous routine and putting on more weight. The Sugar Divorce program aims to take care of this problem.

Why is Sugar so addictive ? and What is the Sugar Divorce Dieting Program?

Sugar Divorce dieting program is an interesting program that leads individuals towards a healthy lifestyle by gradually cutting down the consumption of sugar, thus eliminating all the harmful affects sugar causes to your body. While sugar is delicious and is used in almost every food to enhance its taste, it can lead to major issues in our body. This program shows people how to break a sugar addiction.

Unfortunately, sugar is very addictive- and at first it can be very difficult to completely cut the sugar intake out of your life. However, this program helps people slowly get rid of sugar and thus leads to a natural way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that becomes permanent. It generally lasts for 31 days; in which you get to try out delicious recipes without feeling a craving for sugar and learn how to burn extra fat and balance the level of blood sugar in your body.

The creator of the Sugar Divorce – Rena Greenberg

Rena Greenberg is a hypnotherapist, well known all over the word. She is the CEO and founder of Wellness Seminars Inc. Rena Greenberg’s creation of the Sugar Divorce Dieting Program is drawn from her own experiences. She says that due to her unhealthy eating habits, she struggled with her weight and her life, having a pacemaker installed in her heart at the mere age of 26.

It was then, amidst such a difficult phase of her life, that she discovered her way back to health without any pills, diets or any other artificial means. She first developed her Wellness Seminar Program way back in 1990, which was very well- received and have been shown in over 75 hospitals. She has guided employees of over 100 major corporations, school systems towards a healthy lifestyle. She and her clients have also been featured in various news channels like CNN, and USA Today; among others.

What are the benefits of the Sugar Divorce Dieting Program?

While many other fitness programs help people to lose weight effectively, Sugar Divorce is unique in the sense that it not only helps in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle but also helps in maintaining the lifestyle. This program also works on the subconscious level, helping cure your minds craving for sugar. In this way, by the end of this program, you will find that it is very easy to let go of sweet things and to say goodbye to unhealthy foods you once couldn’t live without.

It is a program developed after years of research and it is effective in real time. The benefits of a sugar free diet helps you naturally lose excessive weight and have a sugar- free lifestyle by helping your mind break free from any obstacles that wouldn’t let you give up sugar in your food.

After the Sugar Divorce program, you will find yourself cutting down the cost on medicines to regulate your blood sugar levels, and also cutting down unnecessary food cost in forms of snacks, fast food beverages.

What does the customer gain from the Sugar Divorce package?

  • The Sugar Divorce Manual-Contains weight loss strategies in delicious ways which also gives you tips on how to reduce hunger.
  • Sugar Divorce Today Guide – where you get 5 tips to lead you to cut off sugar completely.
  • Intro Coaching Sessions Audio – in which, through Rena’s help, you will be able to create a mindset which will help you say no to sugar.
  • Cognitive  Conditioning Sessions – helps you stay motivated and feel empowered through relaxing sessions.
  • Sugar Divorce Affirmations – brain – changing affirmations that make giving up sugar easy.
  • Sugar Free Diet Recipes – 100+ ways of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that help lose fat.
  • Personalized Self – Assessment Tools – helps you overcome obstacles
  • Cooking Class with Rena – over 2.5 video showing you how to cook healthy meals. You wont have a boring meal any more!
  • Personalized Meal Plans – contains over 30 daily meal plans.
  • Success Journal – helps you track your journey
  • Shopping Lists – which shows you the ingredients you should buy.
  • Sugar Divorce Community – where you can get recipes and support from the community

Final Verdict – Does it work?

Sugar Divorce definitely works, seeing the glowing customer reviews and the safe and effective method it employs. Its one of the best ways to lose weight and does not have any side affects that you need to worry about. Additionally, we love the personalized meal plans which ensure that you get the right nutrition and don’t have to worry about losing out on what you love altogether.

Its a complete program that can take care of all your weight loss worries and I highly recommended you trying it out.

I hope you really enjoyed my review, if you have any questions please comment below and be sure to stop by in the near future as I will be posting more on this topic.

Cheers  Joanne

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